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Beds have three standard dimensions. The dimensions of single beds are: 90x200cm, 100x200cm, 120x200cm and they allow only one person to sleep comfortably. In the case of two person beds the dimensions are: 140x200cm, 160x200cm, 180x200cm, 200x200cm. The dimensions which are presented in such a manner always relate to the inner diameter - the part where the mattress goes. The eternal dimensions of a bed are always a couple of centimeters higher than the nominal dimensions "for the mattress" - this depends on the design and construction of a given model. Half of our clients who decide to buy a 160x220cm bed as this allows them to position the bed in most rooms and allows two people to sleep comfortably. Of course, it is possible to order furniture with nonstandard dimensions but you must remember that this may cause problem when looking to your own base and mattress. When picking a good base and mattress on your own you should remember that the inner dimension is different smaller then the external one by the thickness of the material. Both dimensions are given on the webpage of the product so that the client is fully aware of what he or she are buying. When you want to buy, it is best to contact our sales expert who will help you choose the right base and mattress.

















The decision to buy a bed is only the first step on the road to owning a bed that will let you sleep calmly. The Beds consultants will help you pick a proper base and mattress. Both of those elements must be chosen according to the depth of the bed. The rules to follow in this case are:


• The mattress should be at least 3cm depressed into the bed;

• It is best when the mattress goes into the base 30-70% of total height;

• The mattress should stand out of the base by 4-10cm 





It is worth to rely on the sales personnel when picking a base and mattress as they know best how to do this. Your intuition and the advice of your bases is not the best guidance. In this case you should trust the professionalism of the experts. Many people take special care when choosing the mattress but you should remember that a mattress should always be chosen together with the base. The base is a structure made up of wooden strips. Its main function is to support the mattress and provide it with proper ventilation. The large selection of bases may be bewildering but when you consider the most important factors, you will surely find a base suitable for your mattress and most of all: for you. If you have chosen to buy a spring mattress, you must choose a base that will have its strips placed densely enough. Regulated bases are not suitable for such mattresses as they can damage the springs for the mattress. For such a mattress it is best to choose bases without regulation: BR, BR maxi, TRIPLE and FLEXI from the The Beds shop. It is much simpler to choose a base if the client decides to buy a foam mattress. In such a case every base is suitable. The most important things to consider when buying a base:



• the number of strips and their density (the more, the more even the distribution of our weight and the higher the durability of the base);

• elasticity - bases differ when it comes to elasticity and some of them have an option to adjust the hardness of some of the strips;

• manual or electric rising of the headrest and footrest;

• durability, the maximum weight it can support;

• the height of the base.



The maximal width of most bases is 120cm and that is why you need to use two bases for beds which are wider than this. They can be freely used thanks to a middle support strip which is supported by two legs. A comfortable mattress will ideally fit your body. But how to choose the right one from such a multitude of products? We will gladly help you choose a mattress and base. Please contact us.


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